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dhow trip

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sail with talisa

While cruising through the mangroves under the shade of the palm trees next to the dug-out canoes, unwind on our boat (Talisa) with a sundowner in hand. Wide, lush beds of seagrass and coral line the creek, which is home to numerous fish species and feeding sea turtles.

mida creek dhow trip

Sailing in a traditional dhow around Mida Creek will allow you to experience a sunset cruise through a bird lover’s heaven. This body of water, which stretches inland from the Indian Ocean to the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, is one of Watamu’s best-kept secrets. Pink flamingoes, malachite kingfisher, and African fish eagle flocks can be found in the creek.

amazing sundowner

Some of the most stunning natural wonders on the Kenyan coast may be found in Mida Creek. Many migrating species, including the crab plover, curlew sandpiper, whimbrel, and sanderling, use it as a resting place. At nightfall, when the setting sun paints the waters a golden color and flocks of roosting birds fill the sky, Mida is best explored by dhow.